Delivery and Takeout

CCP POS systems offer a fast and easy way for phone order- takers to enter delivery and  takeout orders. Fast, because customer records (name, address, delivery instructions) can be retrieved by phone number…easy, because previous orders can viewed and “re-ordered” with a single touch.

Full delivery “mapping” for drivers will get them from the store, to delivery destination #1, then to #2, then to #3, and finally, back to the store, with ease.

Multiple payment options are available to allow delivery personnel to prepay for orders, to pay “as they go”, or to cash out multiple orders “5 or 10 at a time” or for the entire shift.

Orders are transferred to individual delivery personnel, allowing management to answer caller’s questions regarding “when their order will arrive”. Answer: “It was transferred to John at 8:58pm and he should be arriving shortly”.

Other advanced features include:

  • Streamlined access to customer database - know who your customers are.
  • Caller ID option, to quickly identify the caller and match them to the delivery database.
  • Multi-account from same location.
  • Order History.
  • Re-order from order history.
  • User defined database for storage of "special notes", birthdays, and anniversaries, etc.
  • Advanced orders - have the system automatically fire an order in the future.
  • Pre-populate customer database through industry phone book databases.
  • Complete integration to Video Display units or printers.
  • Expeditor mode for completing orders in a timely fashion
  • Driver dispatch and cash accountability.
  • Delivery Zone customization.
  • Order timing - know who has what order and for how long.