Diner Ware

Diner Ware point of sale software is an essential tool which affords a lower cost of ownership. It streamlines your operation, and enables you to focus more on your customers. It's advanced capability, and intuitive user interface, makes it extremely simple to use. Used by thousands of restaurant owners, Diner Ware provides superior reliability and advanced technology for the budget conscious operator. Key features provided include:

Intuitive User Interface / Live System Technology

  • All functions are simple and easy to use
  • Managers, Servers, Bartenders have what they need, when they need it
  • Multiple ways to accomplish all tasks
  • Management functions from any terminal, so do not have to return to back office
  • Live system function allows changes to take place throughout the whole system without a restart; and several people can perform functions at same time and neither have to be in the back office

Order Entry & Powerful Ticket Handling

  • Change tables 
  • Customize ticket names
  • Split checks 
  • Assign tips
  • Share items 
  • Apply payments to other users’ tickets
  • Repeat previously ordered items
  • Coursing where kitchen receives single order neatly organized after server enters appetizer, entrée & dessert at one time, with seat options
  • Hold (and release) menu items to kitchen
  • Use on-screen keyboard to add special requests
  • Change price or quantity of an item
  • View ticket details with Ticket Status Display
  • Handle multiple open tickets at the same time
  • Tickets are stored forever - ideal for tabs or catering
  • View countdown item portions remaining
  • Use manual override to order items as necessary
  • Communicate with staff using internal messaging
  • Add a message of the day to the login screen


  • Fast Pay allows you to close order once payment is made in two touches
  • Settle a ticket to cash in two touches
  • Integrated credit and gift cards
  • Customize guest check formatting and contents
  • Unlimited split payments on any ticket
  •  Optional receipt printing
  • Split tickets into an unlimited number of payments
  • Multiple cash drawers with balance-by-drawer
  • Record checks and gift certificates with tips

List View

  • Take pre-orders keep track of them
  • Handle multiple open tickets at same time
  • Combine tickets
  • Enter all credit card tips on one screen
  • Transfer tickets to yourself or others
  • Sort tickets according to customer information, time ordered, user, time left or amount due


  • Customize menus
  • Create menu by shift
  • Add unlimited menu items
  • Add unlimited screen categories
  • Add unlimited choices (modifiers)
  • Place items into multiple screen categories
  • Create custom menus for certain jobs
  • Select whether choices are optional or required
  • Add one or multiple choices
  • Reuse choices in as many sets as you like
  • Generate additional remote prints using choices


  • Course timing
  • Print choices in red
  • Group similar items on kitchen prints
  • Route prints based on job
  • Sort tickets by seat position
  • Printers can be assigned multiple roles


  • Create unlimited jobs
  • Automatically calculate overtime pay
  • Edit timesheets from any terminal
  • Employees show red when close to overtime
  • Access complete employee database
  • View employees’ personal information
  • Access complete employee database
  • Price and quantity changes are generated dynamically
  • Hide taxes for over-the-bar transactions
  • Create taxation rules (surcharges, thresholds, GST taxes)
  • Change similarly-priced items in one step
  • Create happy hour or other promotional discounts
  • Restrict discounts by job
  • Suppress hidden discounts on customer prints
  • Restrict manual discount availability by item
  • Make discounts apply to tickets, items or both
  • Add unlimited void reasons with detailed tracking
  • Reporting access to more than 70 built-in reports
  • Instantly access to daily reports
  • Print on receipt printers or preview on screen
  • Database stores all information permanently
  • Track audit trail of items sold
  • Create reports from all data with unlimited history
  • View reports on screen
  • Save reports as PDF, Excel, .csv, .rtf or other formats
  • See, access and use the underlying data

Table Management Grid

  • Easily define sections and configure tables on a grid as they are actually arranged in your restaurant

Delivery, Customer Data Base, Smart Search

  • instantly access customers by name, phone number or email
  • Recognize any customer's identity, favorite menu item, order history with one touch
  • Grow your business by exporting data for marketing campaigns

Instant Access to Reports

  • Instant access to over 70 reports showing real time data from any workstation such as job performance, payroll hours, voids, daily sales, items sold and much more
  • Easily export to other applications like Excel, save as PDF or other formats
  • Print on receipt printers
  • Create reports from unlimited history
  • All data stored permanently


  • Easily track all transactions and assign secure settings from any terminal at any time
  • Assign permission to another staff member without relinquishing PIN, magnetic access card, then revoke when you return
  • All transactions are tracked, including voids by who completed them

Certified for Windows Vista and managed NET code is designed to participate in secure enterprise level Windows domain environment