Enterprise Reporting

CCP's smart enterprise management software is one of the most powerful solutions on the market today, and integrates seamlessly with your POSitouch restaurant POS system to deliver up to date and relevant business information to keep your hospitality based business on track and on budget. Time is money in any industry, and in the fast-paced service industry, it is crucial to free up the time of your management and staff-allowing them to perform their job functions at a higher standard with drastically reduced errors. Accessed by any web browser, this solution requires very little end-user administration, and puts you on the fast track to bottom line savings and future success by implementing transparent business operations that were previously impossible to track. Know where your losses are stemming from-to know where your future is headed. Here's a small sample of what this powerful online data warehouse provides:

  • Sales Mix: Multiple store reporting of sales by location: drill down to guest check detail
  • Labor Management: scheduling reports, including real time labor costs
  • Inventory Control/Food Costing: including variance and food cost
  • Management Alerts: pinpoint precisely where losses are coming from and to implement accountability; including excessive voids or over rings, low or high check dollar amounts, high labor or food costs, comps, discounts and much more
  • Payroll: Integrate report data with your accounting and payroll systems
  • Payroll Exceptions: track to ensure timely and accurate payroll processing
  • System Wide Data Base Management: Provide corporate with ability to perform system wide database management; on the fly changes to menu items, price changes, discounts, taxes, and other POS specific data  
  • Communications: Enhanced communications to management team
  • Calendar: to track important events and tasks
  • Loss Prevention: view guest check irregularities, voids, over rings, low or high check amounts, discounts and much more
  • Security Administration
  • Detailed Reports
Weekly Labor Analysis: View weekly labor and overtime.

Sales Summary: Sales transactions and covers compared for this week, last week, last year.

Sales Mix: See what is selling and what menu items have the best contribution to margin.

Royalty Report: iControl can customize a royalty report for franchisees.
Employee Schedules: View employee's schedules.

Employee Productivity: Detect which employees are exceeding average performance and which are below average. View transaction or cover average and rank from best to worst.

Loss Prevention: View deletes, overrings, discounts, delete befores, and drill down to the check detail.

Food Cost: Compare theoretical food cost vs. actual

Alerts: Set alerts to notify you when certain events have occurred, like deletes, cash over/short, overtime predictions etc
Payroll: View timesheets; download payroll files to your payroll system.

Accounts Payable: Send invoices to the corporate accounting system for AP posting.

Accounts Receivable: Use house accounts inside of POSitouch to post AR.

Sales/GL: Send the journal.dbf file from POSitouch to POS Integration for posting to your General Ledger.
POS Updating: Enable the IT department to keep menus and prices updated automatically.

User Maintenance: Allows IT to set up each user with their allowed privileges.
Message Board: Exchange information with everyone in your company.

Email: Intra-company email

Calendar: Track important events