POS Hardware

All POS hardware is NOT created equal…but to the untrained eye, the POS equivalent of a Yugo looks just like a Mercedes. Regardless of whether you need hardwired touch screens, or the latest iPad and wireless handhelds, let us help you sort through the various options to make the correct purchase decision.

Unlike our top competitors, CCP is a hardware-independent company, dedicated to providing you with the hardware platform that best suits your needs. Our clients can choose from a variety of hardware…we’re not wed to a single hardware manufacturing source…and our sales team will assist you in “letting the free market decide”, to educate you in the options and the pros and cons, and to allow you to meet your budgetary and performance goals. Some of our competitors who may even want to charge you more for an identical piece of equipment (Epson Printers, for example), made in the same factory as ours are made, but now bearing their Logo and a proprietary connector to allow them to meet their price point and prevent 3rd party service.

CCP's customers enjoy the benefit of immediate savings using this “open hardware architecture” business model and are never forced to buy “what our factory is making”.

Our offerings include:


IBM products are built to last, with a seven (7) year guarantee on spare parts availability, and a global service organization which is second to none. With worldwide sales approaching $100 billion in 2010, IBM dwarfs its nearest competitor in size, quality, production volume, and stability.


J2 is an emerging market leader in products designed for the harsh environment of hospitality. Additionally, their new Green Initiative provides thin-client terminals which contain no moving parts and use dramatically less energy, and increase their longevity. CCP strongly recommends J2’s value proposition and supports thousands of J2 terminals in the field.

Mobile Order Entry Devices

Web DT is the recognized leader of the ruggedized, industrial-strength hand held wi-fi devices, able to withstand a drop from belt height, and endure the rigors of restaurant and bar operations. DT believes that a finger was not meant to be an ordering device, and uses a stylus on a touch screen, for pinpoint accuracy and speed of order entry.

Various off-the-shelf consumer devices are available for use in conjunction with CCP’s POS products, including the popular iPods, iPads, Androids and others.

POS Guest Check, Receipt and Kitchen Prep Printers

Epson is the “gold standard “ for POS printers and we carry and support a full line of their products, including fast and silent “thermal” printers for logo-ed guest checks and receipts, and red/black “impact” printers for kitchen operations.

Kitchen Video Controller Devices

QSR is the recognized leader in kitchen automation hardware and software. Capitalizing on the proven technology of QSR's long line of controllers and bump-bars, QSR’s purpose-built construction includes a locking power connector, on-board voltage regulator, watchdog timer to prevent lock-ups, no moving parts or fans or vents to bring in moisture or grease-filled air, and the ability to operate at high temperature levels commonly found in kitchens.

Hostess Station Devices

QSR is the recognized leader for touch screen Hostess Station hardware and software.

Peripheral Devices

CCP offers a variety of different peripheral hardware devices including:

  • Cash Drawers
  • Bar Code Scanners
  • Scales
  • Pole Mounts
  • Under-counter Mounting Brackets
  • Rear-facing Customer Displays