Credit Card Payment Solutions

For many restaurants, Credit Card Processing represents the vast majority of their business. Working with a POS provider who understands credit cards from the time your credit card parameters are entered into the system, to when a transaction is made, and through settlement of funds is an absolute necessity in today’s world of increased credit card processing complexity.

From the time a credit card is swiped on the POS terminal, to the final end-of-day batch deposit, CCP manages the entire transaction process.  As a result, you have fewer points of contact with fewer opportunities for error.

Our integrated, end-to-end solution is easier to install, easier for you to understand and easier for both of us to manage on an on-going basis.

Unlike some POS competitors, our solutions do not require you to use a preferred processor or gateway, nor do we charge you extra if you do not. CCP POS credit card processing philosophies are consistent with our “open architecture approach”… we are integrated with all major credit card networks via Slipstream Credit Card Processing Software. For more information on supported networks and PCI Certification, click on this link: http://www.midniteexpress.us/SlipStream_Certs.html

Through our strategic partnership with Mercury Payment Systems, CCP POS customers can now enjoy the following additional benefits:

  • Streamlined integration to the POS and the CCP Support team
  • Support for all major card types and nationwide debit networks
  • Easy and fast process for initial enrollment
  • Competitive rates…Mercury will match or beat any rate
  • No high pressure sales tactics…CCP’s Help Desk Support team can sign you up
  • On-line access to your account statements and reports
  • Automatic “stand-in” mode in the event of network outage

For more information on Mercury, now the 20th largest processor of credit cards in the US, see www.mercurypay.com.