Video Surveillance

We offer leading edge Video Surveillance and CCTV security solutions installed anywhere in your restaurant and focused at your Point of Sale (POS) locations. By capturing video and matching up with the associated digital POS transaction data the advantages of our CCTV technology are evident immediately. Even our most basic four camera system makes it possible to survey your Point of Sale activities in a way not previously available to you. Instead of reviewing hours of uneventful video, you can opt to search for and view only those transactions of interest to you at that time.

With our custom video surveillance package coupled with cameras mounted at each of your restaurant Point of Sale stations, your management staff will be capable of real time observation of restaurant operations locally and via a web browser. Authorized personnel can inspect the restaurant operations remotely from anywhere using video streams which are supported by our built-in web server. This integration allows you to oversee each transaction that occurs at your Point of Sale Terminals and also review any transaction in our searchable POS transaction log.

The accuracy of cash handling procedures as well as the Clock-In, Clock-Out data of restaurant personnel can easily be checked. The sophisticated software can be configured to alert restaurant management of any suspect transactions and then with one simple click of a mouse view the associated video. POS transactions are also visible in Real Time as their information is overlaid on the video image.

A few Key Features are:

  1. Video Surveillance system was built and designed for the restaurant industry
  2. Powerful video compression saves hard disk space and allows for longer video storage
  3. High resolution Cameras for quality image
  4. Support for both Analog and IP Cameras
  5. Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras for full range of views
  6. Multiple Camera choices for low light environments of a bar or restaurant
  7. Multiple Camera choices for indoor and outdoor environments
  8. View restaurant’s cameras from a Smartphone
  9. Video playback sorted by date and time

Camera Choices

  1. Dome cameras are named for the shape (hemisphere).as the dome camera is compact small, attractive, possibly more suitable for office space, elevators, corridors and other places with relatively fixed positions, and is often used in institutions, such as banks and government offices.
  2. Bullet cameras are sometimes called gun cameras, only for their appearance. In darker restaurant environments where light is not sufficient for a dome camera, a bullet camera may be the only option.
  3. The Bullet cameras’ expandability of field of view is superior to that of the dome camera
  4. Dome Cameras have a protective cover, whereas bullet cameras do not, and would need to be configured with an additional shield if the camera placement is susceptible to being vandalized.
  5. A Dome camera’s zoom range is typically not large, such as 2-fold, 3.6-fold, etc., and the lens is generally not easy to replace.
  6. A Bullet camera’s range depends on the selected zoom lens that can range from a few times to several times, and it is relatively easy to replace the lens.
  7. A Dome camera is frequently used to monitor a fixed perspective, such as a staircase, passage to a doorway, elevator, etc.
  8. A Bullet camera has a more extensive range of applications, because it can be set up for wide-angle monitoring, or low-light conditions.