Country Club / Private Club

CCP has vast experience in the private and public Country/Golf Club Market. Our POS solutions can dramatically simplify member accounting by integrating all of the food and beverage outlets to the Club Management System for electronic posting of food and beverage charges to member accounts. We can even split-settle a single tables check to various member accounts.

  • Central Management PC/Server for Reporting Take all reports from a single location, broken out by Revenue Center
  • Multiple , Separate Reports for Each Food and Beverage Concept
  • Club Management System Integration for Member Charge Authorization and Transmittal Daily membership updates from Club Billing System allow pre-authorization of member charges, and batch transmittal of all charges for billing purposes.
  • Member Names “pop up” for Server to allow a name or names to be attached to the Guest Check at the beginning of each order.
  • Easiest “split check” functionality in Industry. Member orders can be entered as one (for food and beverage preparation purposes), then easily separated for member billing purposes.
  • All the Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Bar/Night Club and Room Service features and functionality described in our other sections.