Fine Dining

CCP has hundreds of Fine Dining customers in the NY, NJ, CT and PA regions. Our state-of-the-art POS systems are faster, easier and smarter than any other system on the market, are fully featured, and can handle all of your Fine Dining requirements.

Key Features Unique To CCP's Fine Dining Solution;

  • Two Cover Count methods
  • Team Service
  • Check Transfers
  • Order by Seat Number
  • Menu Modifiers by individual item
  • Easy Order Timing Options
  • Automatic Gratuity
  • Silent check printing


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  • Table Management System Our systems fully integrate with Open Table, QSR Quick Host, and other solutions, giving you complete control over your dining room, unique guest preferences, seating capacity and available staffing.
  • Kitchen Automation Our highly intuitive, next generation solution provides real time information to manage and control kitchen efficiency using Kitchen Video and Auto Prep Timing, by item.
  • Enterprise Solution Our highly intuitive web based software provides business intelligence, data base management, centralized management of store locations and enhanced communications. Timely data is easily accessed via any web browser and allows you to view and administrate back office and all pos applications and files
  • Labor Management Our comprehensive time clock and labor scheduling modules are fully integrated with all major payroll companies, and provide optimum management of labor resources, costs, productivity and customer service
  • Inventory and Food Cost Our comprehensive, streamlined program provides a fully automated processes for inventory, purchasing and receiving. Utilizes real time information on inventory levels, recipe ingredients and costs; as well as actual versus theoretical reports
  • On line & Mobile Phone Ordering Our comprehensive web-based solution provides real time integration to your POS, as well as powerful guest interfaces featuring menu displays, item descriptions and automated suggestive selling based on order patterns and selections. Customers have fast, easy-to-use access to your menus, can place advanced orders, catering and group orders, as well as view their history.
  • Delivery Our system provides every state-of-the-art feature needed for a powerful and smooth delivery solution, including caller ID; multiple accounts at same location; re-order from history; driver dispatch and cash accountability. All of the complexities involved are made easy and convenient.
  • Video Surveillance Our cutting edge Video Surveillance and CCTV security solutions can be installed anywhere in your restaurant and at your Point of Sale (POS) locations. By capturing video and matching up with the associated digital POS transaction data the advantages of our CCTV technology are evident immediately. Even our most basic four camera system makes it possible to survey your Point of Sale activities in a way not available with other system solutions. Authorized personnel can inspect the restaurant operations remotely from anywhere using video streams which are supported by a built-in web server. This integration allows you to oversee each transaction that occurs at your Point of Sale Terminals and also review any transaction in our searchable POS transaction log. The accuracy of cash handling procedures as well as the Clock-In, Clock-Out data of restaurant personnel can easily be checked. The sophisticated software can be configured to alert restaurant management of any suspect transactions and then with one simple click of a mouse view the associated video. POS transactions are also visible in Real Time as their information is overlaid on the video image.
  • Mobile Ordering via Hand Held Order Entry Terminals iPads and other mobile devices may be used for table seating, cocktail service or in the dining room
  • Sleek, Unobtrusive Hardware Includes POS Terminals and iPad  Utilize iPad, or small, easy to hide POS devices to ensure maximized seating capacity, which can be wall mounted or incorporated tastefully with the restaurant design. There are many options.