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CCP POS Releases POSitouch on the iPad

Photo of iPad, iPod Touch and WebDT, all running the POSitouch application

October 15, 2011 - CCP releases POSitouch point of sale application running on the iPad, unveiled at the recent POSitouch Conference in Rhode Island.

According to Buzz Cmaylo at CCP, “The hospitality world is going through a mobile-device revolution. Europe and Asia were first to embraced mobile, and we're now seeing US restaurants acknowledge the many benefits provided to servers, hosts/hostesses and managers to enter orders, print guest checks, authorize credit cards and perform various manager functions”.

Cathy Corman adds “Unlike our POS competitors, who tend to tie their marketing relationship to a single brand of mobile hardware, CCP continues to offer an open-systems approach. We don't dictate that an iPad is the solution for everyone. While the iPad has universal aesthetic appeal and tremendous brand recognition and momentum, we have many customers who prefer a slightly smaller tablet, such as the Samsung Galaxy, or an even smaller, commercial-grade hand-held device such as the Web DT or J2 Wave. ”While we at CCP pride ourselves on being first to market with cutting edge solutions, we remain committed to providing customers with the RIGHT tools. Our core business is built around identifying excellence in ever-changing software and hardware, and seamlessly integrating them into one perfect solution, where clients select from a combination of technologies in order to get the right fit for their operation and budget. We save customers money, time, and frustration. Given the reliable hardware options today, if I were a restaurant owner, I wouldn't want to be talked into purchasing a pricey brand just because of the name. I'd look for reliability, performance and an immediate increase to my bottom line. CCP helps customers make smart hardware purchases.  

“There is no doubt in my mind that over the next five years, almost every restaurant and retail will want to incorporate the benefits of mobile computing into their operation. The tablet-war…whose devices are better, faster, have longer battery life and are reliable enough to withstand the rigors of a restaurant or other type of operation, and meet the demanding requirements of PCI Security Standards…are just beginning to be fought. As the tablet winners emerge, CCP and POSitouch will be there to provide them to our customers.”