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POSitouch Introduces Quick Menu

CCP POS, POSitouch has released its new, innovative and time-saving Quick Menu Database Tool after extensive testing in over 1,000 sites across the country.

Vince Bogan, CCP’s Sr. Project Manager, was “wowed” by the ease of use, and speed of building a POSitouch database with Quick Menu.“ Literally, I did the work of building a new menu in half the time it would’ve taken me to do it with the predecessor POSitouch Back Office Menu Screens”.

Glen DeNigris, CCP’s Sr. Sales rep commented, “One of the great things about POSitouch and one of the reasons our customer base is so loyal, is that we handle the menu and modifier setup and order entry on a complex menu (one with lots of modifiers) with tremendous ease. Ask any server in any restaurant in NYC….what is the easiest POS you’ve ever used?…they will universally answer POSitouch. Now, not only can we continue to deliver this same great flexibility…we can do the previously time-consuming setup much, much faster”.

CCP will deliver all new POSitouch systems with Quick Menu starting November 1st, 2011. For more information on how to upgrade your current POSitouch system to Quick Menu, please contact Glen DeNigris at gdenigris@c-c-p.com.