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CCP Sells It’s “1-Millionth Meal” via www.Payforit.net in School Year 2011-2012

October 11, 2011, Hoboken, NJ – CCP POS's Payforit.net On-Line Payment activity in NY, NJ and PA has been booming, as year-over-year on-line transactions are up over 65%. As a result, over 60,000 area parents have already purchased over 1 million meals so far this school year.

Lou Mattaliano, CCP’s VP of Sales and Marketing for Schools says, “Parents just love the convenience of paying on line, and being able to see exactly what their child has been eating for lunch. Couple with that the convenience of auto-replenishment (similar to the way most people pay for their EZ-Pass), and the rewards points from paying by credit card, and Payforit has been a major hit.”

According to Lauren Herron, CCP Account Manager, “This year, many schools are taking advantage of using Payforit not only for food service prepayments, where same school transactions are up significantly over last year, but also to pay various types of student fees, ranging from sports and clubs, to before and after care, and including “virtual” school stores for the sale of T-shirts, gym uniforms and many other forms of Merchandise”. Herron added, “I really enjoy helping schools automate their processes and become so much more efficient. It’s really incredible to imagine how much manpower it must take to collect these types of funds without a system like ours”.