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CCP's Mobile Text-Based Marketing Technology is Bleeding Edge and on the Move in NY Metro for Hospitality

October 11, 2011 – CCP’s newest integrated business partner, Sundrop Mobile (see www.sundropmobile.com) is making waves in the NY metro area with its new, text-based loyalty and marketing program.

According to Lee Harville, VP of Sundrop, “The average cell phone number is now retained by an individual for over seven years. This fact makes the cell phone the preferred vehicle for staying in touch with your customers over the long term. Additionally, the stigma once associated with cell phone number privacy has declined in recent years, especially among the younger generation, many of whom are also smart phone users.”

With other studies indicating that the single biggest objection to restaurant loyalty programs is “having to carry around the card”, CCP is now offering the full line of offerings from Sundrop Mobile, including its Card-Less Mobile Loyalty program. With Sundrop Mobile, the customer’s cell phone number is entered at the point of sale, either via PIN pad or QR Code scan (QR codes are the 2 dimensional, square bar codes which are becoming more and more popular for use with smart phones).

Glen DeNigris, Sr. Sales Rep, notes, “This innovative solution has across-the-board appeal, but it is an instant home-run for any quick service or delivery operation catering to students. When we showed it to one NJ customer located across the street from a large High School, he ordered Sundrop on the spot.”

With almost all restaurants focused on increasing customer traffic during the economic downturn, CCP is looking to Sundrop to help promote the profitability of its existing and future customer base.