Cafeteria POS, Meal Accountability and Claims Reporting using QSP


Point of Sale (POS) is the most essential part of your fully integrated food service management system. It brings together the information from the student information system (SIS), free and reduced application tracking system, and updates the report database. QSP POS gives you un-equaled stability, power, speed with tremendous flexibility at the sites, with ease of use for the novice user at school sites where it really counts.


  • Interfaces to student information systems (SIS), maintaining up-to-date student information, without manual intervention.
  • Updates automatically, at scheduled times, or at user selected intervals
  • Maintains a centralized database for individual school and district-wide reports
  • Provides notes about individual students at a glance


  • Runs as a centralized database or at individual school sites
  • Operate “stand-alone” or in a networked environment
  • Auto-redundancy at the POS terminal in the event of network or central server failure
  • Ability to run two lines per terminal
  • Items and balance due always show on screen
  • Images or text can display on the screen
  • Flexible Student Identification Options : PIN pads, Bar Code Scanners, Biometrics Scanning


Built on MS SQL Server

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