SDMS (Student Data Movement System)


SDMS is the foundation to connecting your District's student database with your POS operations. SDMS handles the movement and updates of all student data in the district, and manages those changes at each of your cafeteria sites, ensuring that all data is up to date and correct. Users can choose to have updates run automatically every night, or more frequently when necessary. SDMS also detects when students move between schools within a District, and manages the export of their student record data and account balance data to their new school site – all automatically.


  • Browser based, using ASP.NET
  • SQL Server Database
  • Handles student movement between schools


  • Change the application to work the way you need
  • Connects to any Student Information System (SIS)
  • User can customize functionality

Additional SDMS Modules

  • Integration with
  • Integration with School Emergency Phone Call System for Low Balance Notification
  • Integration with School Accounting Software
  • Time Clock for Employee Punch-in, Punch Out w/export to Payroll Software
  • Nursing Module
  • Severe Allergy Alerts Module
  • On-Site Payment Screen