Thin-Client All-in-One POS Touch Screen Terminals

CCP uses the latest, state-of-the-art Thin Client POS terminals to minimize downtime caused by hardware failure, and maximize the ease of replacement.

Thin clients allow the District Server to perform the “heavy lifting” for the QSP application, while maintaining enough intelligence in each terminal to go into a “redundant processing mode” if the network connection to the server is not detected or is too slow. This allows you to serve your students un-interrupted by network downtime and automatically “re-sync” with the centralized database when network service is restored.

Our thin clients utilize SSD technology (Solid State Drive) in a fan-less environment to reduce heat generation and energy consumption, and prevent costly and time consuming hard drive repairs and replacements and the accompanying O/S and database restoration.

Our QRAL (QSP Rapid Application Loader) allows even non-technical personnel to connect a spare to the network, and to restore all terminal-specific configuration settings automatically, in a matter of minutes.