Service Maintenance Agreements (SMA)

Over the useful life of your system, our SMA’s provide the guarantee that someone is always available to ensure your restaurant is running smoothly. You can rely on us for any normal wear and tear problem; a broken terminal, a jammed printer, cabling issues, and more.

Per-incident POS repairs are unpredictable and can be extremely costly in the long run, our Maintenance Agreements provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing the health of your technology is in the most capable hands.

We offer tiered maintenance program options covering the full spectrum from basic to comprehensive plans. So you can strike the perfect balance between cost and coverage, we have something for every level of support you might need.

Additionally, and importantly, CCP provides Software Upgrades to its SMA customers (excluding associated labor and hardware, if required) at no additional charge. This represents a significant potential savings over the lifetime of the POS system.